JD Jernigan
Founder | CEO

Founder of Propagate brands with a background in performance marketing, customer journey development, and private equity. JD founded Propagate with the intention of providing eCommerce companies with scalable working capital and an operational team to ensure brands reach meaningful acquisitions.

George Wescott
Head of Marketplaces

George has been scaling products on Amazon since 2002. George assists portfolio companies by scaling products through an omnichannel approach to increase revenue and brand awareness.

Valentin Kuznetcov
Head of Operations

Val is keen to help brands elevate the most boring part of the business. Val optimizes supply chain efforts, departmental communication, and cash flow management. An eCommerce operations leader with a focus on increasing margin across brands.

Growth Roles

Kirill Toropov
Senior Web Developer

Kirill is responsible for the technical implementation of unique ideas and designs. Having hands-on experience with many different software stacks, Kirill is helping each brand craft customer journeys and implement technology.

Sarah Fagundez
Graphic Design and Content Creation

Sarah, Alongside the creative and marketing team, ensures that each brand within Propagate develops a powerful visual for each brand's go-to-market strategy. Sarah works alongside the marketing team to captivate audiences visually by bringing eye appeal to each marketing campaign.

David Smith
Senior Copywriter

David brings to life the voice of every brand on our roster at Propagate. David creates concise, engaging, and converting copy for brand ads, marketing materials, and retail websites. David bridges brand strategy with creative messaging that resonates with core consumers.

Adam Baldwin
Brand Design and Direction

Adam, Alongside the creative team, ensures that each brand within Propagate develops a unique and powerful visual identity. Adam works alongside founders to develop a new brand strategy that better connects each brand to its target market.

Matt Marciante
Senior Email Marketer

As a founder himself, Matt has grown two Shopify businesses from scratch with email being a massive revenue driver. A story is the most powerful thing a brand can carry, and when told well produces a great opportunity to engage your audience. Matt's role is to use email as a strong channel to help brands engage their community.


Darren Carter
Google Analytics

Founder of NYC SEM with over 10 years of google analytics experience.

Michael Abolafia
Performance Marketing

Founder of 32 Points Marketing with over 15 years of performance marketing and marketing team-building experience.


Rick Watson

20 years as a tech entrepreneur and operator exclusively in the eCommerce industry with ChannelAdvisor, Barnes & Noble.com, Merchantry, and Pitney Bowes.

Jon Ivanco

As the Co-Founder of FormToro, Jon has been aggregating data for growth since 2007. Jon assists portfolio companies within propagate by leveraging both data collection and marketing strategies at scale.

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