Your e-commerce partner to 10x revenue and be acquired 🎉

Elevate your brand. Growth capital, digital marketing, customer service, and supply chain management. We are able to guarantee acquisitions at scale.

Earn passive income as your brand grows

Unlocking liquidity for Shopify Ecommerce founders.

10x Online Revenue

Get more out of your store with branding, marketing, and data collection strategies proven to 10x revenue.

Increase Profit Margins

We Increase margin by analyzing customer data and leveraging industry partnerships.

Cut Internal Costs

Save time and money by leveraging our internal branding, marketing, and customer support team.

Prepare for Acquisition

We are constantly evaluating data and compiling the material needed to increase multiple at acquisition.

Minimum Requirements

Private brand built on Shopify

Minimum of $250k in annual revenue

Minimum of 12 months in operation


Growth Marketing, Branding, Data Collection, Customer Service, and Supply Chain Management.

Propagate has a tested process that has proven effective in scaling brands who don't have the time, team, or capital to scale.


The Timeline of Brand Development

Month 1
$25k -$30k Sales/mo
First shipment of inventory.
Month 3
$50k - $60k Sales/mo
Test Wholesale Vendors
Month 6
$100k-$120k Sales/mo
Scale Product and Business
Month 18
$300k-$400k Sales/mo
Solidify Retail and Wholesale Vendors
Month 24
$2,500,000+ Acquisition Value
Audit Brand for High Ticket Acquisition 🎉

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